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Beloved, you have more influence than you realize.

You are a feminine warrior, strong & uniquely designed to fight beside your man, not against him. And I'm here to train you for battle! Are you ready to make a difference in this world? Let's do this!

Becoming the Beloved

Making Sense of Men & Marriage & Who You Are

A confident woman knows the power of her influence, which carries a sense of self-respect, as well as a deep respect for her husband.

She doesn't need to correct him or give him advice because he will naturally look to her for feedback, verbally or non-verbally.

 You are created for this & you are beautiful.

An Interactive Course for Women Only

You are in charge of your own learning. You will always have the option to absorb the info privately or to engage with me and/or with others who are enrolled in the class.

  • Video Lessons

  • Audio Downloads

  • Exercises & Experiments

  • Quizzes & Questionnaires

  • Additional Resources Lists

  • Weekly Class Q&A via Zoom (optional)

$297 Value

This beta release is deeply discounted from what you can expect in its final release.