Why Won't He Talk?

Here’s an example of a frequent complaint from a recent Relationship Survey:

“We have problems agreeing on the way in which we will deal with problems.I want to deal with them when they come up, and he wants to think about it on his own for a long time and hope the problem goes away before we talk about it.”

Chances are, this woman will continue to have difficulty waiting for him to bring up the problem again. She’ll be miserable waiting on him to say something. 

  • At best, she feels like it’s not that important to him. 
  • At worst, she feels like SHE’S not that important to him. 

As the hours and days tick by, she starts to feel more and more and more anxious about their relationship. Her patience runs thin. 

  1. She tries again. 
  2. Gets shut out. 
  3. Gives up.

It doesn't have to end there.

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