Why Won't He Talk to Me?

Learn the Simple Truth about Men & Intimate Communication

He’s so distant, and you don’t understand why. Most of the time, he doesn’t even respond to you, and trying to communicate with him is like talking to a brick wall. When you ask him what’s wrong, he mumbles “nothing” ... or just ignores you. If you press him to talk to you, he gets angry. The only time he pays attention to you is when he wants something from you: It’s usually sex. But you’re not interested anymore. You used to be so close to each other. You’ve tried absolutely everything you can think of to get close again, but nothing’s working. You wonder if he even loves you anymore. You feel like giving up.

You may have begun to believe men …

  • are insensitive jerks
  • do not have normal feelings
  • are only interested in themselves
  • just don’t get what is most important

If so, you are in good company!

  • Very few women know the truth about men.
    Much less how to communicate with one.
  • Because most of us have been terribly misinformed.
    But I am out to change that!
  • Benefit from my professional experience in understanding men.
    So don’t give up! Study and practice these principles instead.

Dr. Debi Smith
Dr. Debi Smith
Author | Educator

About the instructor

As a Clinical Psychologist & former university professor, I love teaching couples & single adults how to apply life-giving principles to everyday life.

My primary area of expertise is the Psychology of Men & Marriage.


What's included?

1 Video
3 Quizzes
1 Survey
5 Texts

Learn the simple truth about men & intimate communication! This is a 2-week course designed to help you get him to talk. COURSE INCLUDES: Audio Download, Online Discussion, plus a 60-minute TeleHealth Personal Consultation with the Course Instructor!

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